Online badge purchases save us advertising money, lots of volunteer time, and moves our registration lines faster at the convention. Helping us to be more efficient can really pay off for you!

Ask Your Friends To Buy Their Badge Online

No confusing or double-talk hype. We're all adults here who understand economics and marketing, right?

Here's what happens in the background now. We give large groups and certain stores $5.00 off coupon codes for their members and customers. That way the recipients feel they got something of value, and we get the convention promotion. So every one of those sales costs All-Con $5.00.

We started to think. If we're willing to write that $5 per badge loss off to advertising, how else can we advertise for a similar price and get better results? The answer: give that $5 per badge to the person who actually made the sale!

During the convention at-the-door lines back up a bit as people fill out registration forms, make payment, etc. Pre-registration lines always go quickly. People show their ID, collect their badge, and enter the convention.

At-the-door registration makes more work after the convention too.

After the convention the paper registration forms all have to be manually keyed into the system by volunteers. Manual data entry can cause several problems...

  •  Typographical errors prevent duplicate addresses and email addresses from being detected, causing us to order more postcards and postage than we really need.

  •  Electronic newsletters bounce due to misspellings in email addresses.

  •  Postcards are undeliverable due to erroneous addresses.
    This is a triple cost for us - extra printed postcards, wasted postage stamps, and hours of volunteer time to put mailings together.

    This is where you earn money streamlining the system.

    By you simply having friends and family buy their badges online, the lines move faster, information is gathered accurately, and the convention saves time and resources.

    From January 1st through March 1st you can sign up to be an All-Con Affiliate! You'll be given a specific link to the badge ordering system. Have your friends buy their badge online using your affiliate link, and you'll receive $5.00 for every badge purchased through your link!

    At-the-door badges are $40. Online badges are $40. Affiliate sold badges are $40, but you personally get $5.00 for each one sold through your link. It doesn't cost people any more to buy through you, and you get the 'added benefit'.

    The affiliate program is handled through our ticketing agent: EventBright. At EventBright you will be able to log in at any time and see how much you've made.

    To be an affiliate you are required to have a PayPal account, since that's how EventBright pays out. The affiliate program ends on Friday March 9th and payment for your affiliate sales will be sent to your PayPal account on Monday March 12th -- plenty of time to have it to go shopping in the All-Con Vendor Room!

    It is very important to understand that any affiliate utilizing a spam campaign to promote sales will have the affiliate account terminated and all revenue for that account will be forefit. We hate spam.

    Ready to get started? Excellent! Please CLICK HERE.

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