Cosplay on Friday!

All-Con's Cosplay competition will take place on Friday evening. Winners in each category will receive awards as well as prizes.

The purpose of the competition is to provide an organized venue for individuals in cosplay attire to showcase their talents and efforts with a large number of attendees in a fun and friendly environment. The event is designed for individuals or groups who wish to show off sewing, creativity, or craftsmanship skills.

All-Con Cosplay Rules

  • In order to compete in the All-Con Cosplay Contest you must have a costume that fits into one of the following categories:

    Videos Games - based on games with Japanese origin
    Original/Other - based on Japanese culture

  • Contestants must be must a registered member of the con the day of the contest. Registration will be located at the Mu Epsilon Kappa (MEK) booth located in the exhibitor's gallery.

  • Contestants should provide a reference picture of the costume. If your costume is an original design, please bring a sketch of that costume. It should be at least 5''x7'' in size. You will turn in your reference picture when you register for the contest.

  • Contestants will have 3 MINUTES on stage. This means you can use the entire 3 minutes, or you can use less time. If you wish to simply walk on stage and off, make sure you pause to allow time for pictures. Contestants going over time will be disqualified.

  • There is a maximum of five people on stage at one time. If you have a group larger than that, you may alternate by one going off stage while another is on stage. Please do not jump off stage.

  • No store-bought or rented costumes will be eligible to participate. Contestants must appear in some form of legitimate costume. Event staff reserves the right to determine what actually constitutes a legitimate costuming effort.

  • No nudity allowed - "no costume" is not a costume.

  • Costume must be at least 50% crafted.

  • Store bought props and/or pieces are allowed. What goes on the stage with you, comes off the stage with you. You will be asked at registration if your prop is hand made or store bought. Please be truthful.

  • Audio CDs only. There will be no cueing for the music. CD starts when you enter the stage. Preset any pauses into your CD.

  • A model may wear your costume if you donít want to physically enter. State that the person wearing the costume is a model, and not the creator, on your registration form. However, the creator MUST be in attendance.

  • Commissioned costumes are not eligible for contest. Any pre-made costume bought off Ebay or other cosplay commissioning site is not acceptable.

  • You may enter as a group. For a winning group there will only be one prize, and the group leader gets it. Please keep that in mind when entering and registering

  • Stage Fighting: Any sort of stage fighting is to be limited to half speed-quarter strength, and one foot must remain on the floor at all times. (No jumps, leaps, flips or rolls!)

  • Only one entry per person. This means you may walk across the stage once, and you cannot appear in more than one costume for the event. If a model is presenting your costume, you may not appear in another.

  • Weapons. If your costume has a prop weapon or a costume weapon secure it and use it only as a costume piece. Security staff will take threatening others (even in play) seriously. All weapons will be peace-bonded and any brandishing or otherwise aggressive behavior will be dealt with according to security's discretion. All decisions regarding weapons ultimately lie with event staff, hotel staff, or hotel security. Please respect all decisions regarding this policy.

  • Keep it PG-13. No nudity or risque costumes or gestures.

  • No substances that can be harmful to you, the staff, or the audience will be allowed. This can include, but is not limited to: silly string, water, flames, explosives, and paint. Make sure that anything that comes onto stage with you leaves with you.

  • Surprise the audience, surprise the judges, surprise yourself! But do not surprise the cosplay staff. The Cosplay Contest event staff has absolute authority to disqualify any participant if necessary, and these rules are subject to change.

  • Please note that there may not be much time for a full rehearsal. If we have more time for rehearsal we will let you know at registration.

  • Do not be late for the rehearsal. If you are not there, then you will not compete. Please take the time to eat before competition. There will be restrooms nearby, but we suggest going before rehearsal.

  • All decisions by event Judges are final.

  • Event staff reserves the right to reject any entry for any reason. Failure to comply with these rules or failure to follow the instructions of the event or security staff will be grounds for disqualification. Contestants that have been disqualified or rejected will not be eligible for any prizes or awards.

  • Any questions should be sent to


    A variety of awards will be given to recognize excellence in costuming.

    Winners will receive an award for their costume as well as prizes.

    The following awards will be given out:

  •  Best in Show
  •  Best Prop
  •  Runner-Up
  •  Judge's Award

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