The All-Con 2015 Game Show Track

Game shows have been a popular aspect of All-Con since the premiere of Geek Match Game in 2005. Every year since then there has been at least one game show on the schedule. Such notable favorites as VaderCast Fear Factor, JediCole's Prize Pile, and Amazing Comicastís Comic Book Trivia Challenge have become a staple of All-Conís wide array of activities. And this year is no exception!

Games and Theory: The All-Con 2015 Game Show Track

Cole "JediCole" Houston is heading up the game show track for a second year with a great mix of new and returning shows. The All-Con Games and Theory Department and the anime track are each presenting a variety of shows this year. From different incarnations of Anime Jeopardy to the signature show of the weekend, Don't Lose Your Geek Card, there will be plenty of options for game show fans. Be sure to show up early to have a chance at becoming a contestant to win some great prizes.

Games and Theory 2015 Game Shows:
  •  A.D.D. The Game
  •  Buzzed Off (Thursday night only)
  •  Donít Lose Your Geek Card
  •  Donít Lose Your Geek Card: Comic Book Edition
  •  Geek Match Game: The Return!
    Anime 2015 Game Shows:
  •  Anime Jeopardy Expert Edition
  •  Anime Jeopardy Novice Edition
  •  Middle Earth Jeopardy

    The Games & Theory Track, in conjunction with jedicole. com/Half-Ass Productions and The United States of Geekdom is offering a special incentive to attend game shows and some other programming. The All-Con Grand Prize! Watch the daily News Blog for an announcement with full details on this special prize incentive.

    What will you choose to do at All-Con 2015? Why not check out the game shows and perhaps become a contestant?

    A brief history of game shows at All-Con:

    2006 - Geek Match Game
    2007 - Anime Jeopardy; Star Wars Fear Factor
    2008 - Anime Jeopardy; Geek Match Game; Star Wars Fear Factor

    2009 - Anime Win, Lose, or Draw; Comic Book Trivia Challenge; Geek Match Game

    2010 - Anime Jeopardy; Comic Book Trivia Challenge; Donít Lose Your Geek Card; Ultimate Geek Challenge

    2011 - A.D.D. The Game; Anime Jeopardy; Comic Book Trivia Challenge; Donít Lose Your Geek Card; Fandom at Random Password; JediColeís Prize Pile; Screen Time; Ultimate Geek Challenge

    2012 - A.D.D. The Game; Anime Jeopardy; Beath the USG; Buzzed Off; Donít Lose Your Geek Card; Donít Lose Your Geek Card: Comic Book Edition; Geek Match Game; Jedi Cole's Prize Pile

    While not technically a game show, Finish It! Finish It! has often been included in the mix. This show was introduced in 2010 and has been a recurring All-Con favorite ever since.

    Curious? Excited? Want to know more? Check out the description of each Game Show on the All-Con Panels page.

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