House of Ghosts an interactive film screening at ALL-CON

With his most ''terrifying'' supernatural thriller, HOUSE OF GHOSTS, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm pays tribute to the works of the master of classic horror, William Castle!

Rich socialites Isaac and Leigh have a tradition of throwing exclusive dinner parties that include unique (and expensive) forms of entertainment. This time, they've booked a spiritual medium who promises to ''open a portal to the great beyond'' and allow the couple's equally eccentric guests to contact the ''afterworld.'' But, before he begins his presentation, the occultist offers a warning: once the door has been opened, no human being can anticipate or control what might come through. Regardless, the group collectively agrees to go forward, only to find itself greatly disappointed by the results... at first. Trapped in the couple's oversized house by a massive winter storm, the partygoers begin to experience unexplainable and increasingly frightening things. As these occurrences intensify, it becomes apparent that something evil is at work. Can the group survive the night or will ignoring the medium's warning be the last thing they ever do?

Since this interactive screening is a tribute to William Castle (the king of movie gimmicks) attendees will experience a bevy of otherworldly shenanigans as the film will comes ALIVE, pulling filmgoers into the HOUSE OF GHOSTS—and unleashing the terrifying spirits seen on screen!

NOTE: All attendees must sign ''waivers'' so as to release writer/director Christopher R. Mihm, Saint Euphoria Pictures, and ALL-CON from all liability should they be frightened to death during the event. To guard against this, all attendees will be provided fear shields and props. An optional drinking game will be part of this event, but beverages will not be make sure to bring your Pepsi in a red plastic cup!

Mihmiverse Films

Christopher R. Mihm is the writer, director, and producer of the films of the ''Mihmiverse,'' a series of award-winning, loosely interlinked feature-length films which pay homage to 1950s-era "drive-in cinema."

Mr. Mihm's filmmaking career began in 2006 with the release of his first retro-styled film, "The Monster of Phantom Lake." Made on a nearly non-existent budget, the film went on to garner much critical acclaim, appear in numerous film festivals, win multiple awards and, to this day, continues to screen across the world.

Since his first film, Mr. Mihm has released one new as-authentic-as-possible 1950s-style feature a year, many of which have received numerous accolades, nominations, and awards. "Attack of the Moon Zombies" raked in the most 2011 Dead Letter Awards at "House of Ghosts" beat out several big budget films to win the coveted Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Best Independent Feature in 2012. Mr. Mihm's ode to the "big bug" films of the 1950s, "The Giant Spider," won the Forrest J. Ackerman Film Award at the Famous Monsters of Filmland Film Festival and the Best Action/Horror Feature award at the Highway 61 Film Festival.

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The Monster of Phantom Lake
This hilarious - and loving - tribute to 1950s B-grade horror flicks concerns a college professor, his sexy assistant and five neato teens as they discover that atomic waste has transformed a World War II soldier into a hideous monster. As the nuclear beastie creates havoc throughout their small town of Mukwonago, Wisconsin, our heroes try to save the day. (2006)
It Came From Another World!
Things take a darker (yet still hilarious) turn in this sequel to 2006's The Monster of Phantom Lake as returning favorite Professor Jackson is tasked yet again with saving the world from certain doom. After his colleague and best friend is slowly transformed into a brutal alien despot, it falls to our intrepid hero to use all his scientific skills to stop the otherworldly visitor from threatening not only the fate of the entire universe but his own wedding plans! (2007)

Cave Women on Mars
Writer/director Christopher R. Mihm returns to the atomic age, this time with an action-packed science-fiction epic! It is the far-off future year of 1987 (as seen through a 1950's lens) and mankind has landed a rocket on the red planet. Its two-man crew are surprised to not only find it habitable but inhabited by beautiful, primitive, matriarchal warrior women! Excitement (and romance) ensues as the crew experiences life, love and out-of-this-world adventure! (2008)
Terror from Beneath the Earth
After years of underground atomic testing, one of the animals living within the Wisawa cave system has undergone a radical and unimaginably horrible transformation! After two young children go missing in the caverns, their father, two scientists, and the local sheriff launch a dangerous rescue operation. Unfortunately, the explorers quickly realize if the caves don't get them, whatever unseen terror lurking in the shadows just might! (2009)

Destination: Outer Space
During a test flight of Earth's first faster-than-light-speed rocket, an incident occurs that throws test pilot Captain Mike Jackson (originally introduced in 2008's Cave Women on Mars) halfway across the galaxy! Lost in deep space, Captain Jackson must use all his wits and derring-do to find a way back to his beloved home world. A film unlike any other, Destination: Outer Space is full of excitement and otherworldly adventure that is not to be missed! (2010)
Attack of the Moon Zombies
Twenty years have passed since Dr. Vincent Edwards took on a certain radiation-mutated bat creature and he is ready to retire. While training his replacement on the Jackson Lunar Base, the two stumble upon a seemingly impossible discovery: alien plant life! Unfortunately, exposure to the spores of this otherworldly flora cause instant death. Too bad those killed by them don't stay dead and instead, want nothing more than to replicate! (2011)

House of Ghosts
In writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's tribute to the films of classic horror master William Castle, a group of "rich weirdoes" finds itself trapped at an eccentric dinner party by a massive winter storm. Following an underwhelming presentation by a spiritual medium who claims he can open "a portal to the great beyond," the partygoers are disappointed by the results... until they are besieged by an increasingly evil and terrifying force that may or may not have crossed-over! (2012)
The Giant Spider
When radiation left behind by atomic weapons testing creates a gigantic killer mutant arachnid, it's up to a trio of scientists, an Army general, and a newspaper reporter and his fiancée to figure out how to stop the hungry beast from devouring the entire county in writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's ode to the giant bug films of yesteryear! (2013)

The Late Night Double Feature
A double bill of 1950s-style B-movies!

"X: The Fiend from Beyond Space"
Deep space explorers battle a horrifying creature from beyond space!

"The Wall People"
A father must rescue his son from an evil entity that steals sleeping children through interdimensional portals in their bedroom walls! (2014)
Danny Johnson Saves The World
Young Danny Johnson (Elliott Mihm) must use his smarts and adventurous spirit to stop devious, pint-sized aliens - and their unstoppable robot - from brainwashing the children of Earth as a precursor to worldwide domination in writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's retro-styled, sci-fi take on classic family films like "The Goonies," "E.T. The Extra-terrestrial" and "The Princess Bride!" (2015)

Weresquito: Nazi Hunter
Horrific Nazi experiments have left a surviving WWII soldier with a terrifying condition: at the sight of fresh blood, he transforms into a man-sized, blood-sucking killer insect! Refusing to let his affliction destroy him and all he loves, he instead commits himself to using his "powers" for good-bye finding the people responsible and bringing them to justice! (2016)
Demon with the Atomic Brain
A failed attempt to weaponize a machine capable of opening portals to other worlds creates an exponentially expanding bubble of fractured space-time which threatens to engulf the entire universe! An elite team of specialists must enter a ''crack'' in the disturbance and make their way down a rabbit hole of increasingly more dangerous alternate realities to find and shut down the machine which created it! Will their last ditch attempt to save humanity be successful? Will this be how the universe ends? Find out in writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's exciting homage to the sci-fi adventure films of the late 1950s: ''Demon with the Atomic Brain!'' (2017)

Guns of the Apocalypse
In writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's ''post-apocalyptic-spaghetti-Midwestern,'' a man with no name is forced into a world of danger and bloodshed after he saves a scientist and a gifted child from a horde of radiation-scarred mutants. Though he would prefer to stay hidden until he can escape to a new life, something about the child - and the murderous ''Death Dealers'' hunting her - makes him realize he has no choice but to protect her or risk being responsible for the potential extinction of the human race! (2018)
Queen of Snakes
Angry at her daughter/caretaker for being directly responsible for her paraplegia, the reclusive Mrs. Crawford accidentally receives a package containing a mysterious amulet. The ancient treasure grants her the horrific powers of a lesser Norse goddess known as the Queen of Snakes and, in a quest to control them, becomes a danger to herself... and potentially the ENTIRE WORLD! (2019)

The Beast Walks Among Us
When a local man is suspected of having been transformed into a hideous monster, it's up to a scrappy gang of local kids (Danny & Evelyn Johnson, Butch, Chip, and their friend Billy Blue) to uncover the truth and save Phantom Lake County - and everyone in it -- from certain doom in writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's tribute to the creature-features of the 1950s, the history of the Mihmiverse, and ''Scooby Doo!'' (2021)
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The Mihmiverse Holiday Special
Steve has gone missing and the new society he's built for his people has fallen into chaos and despair! Luckily, his loyal sidekick (and nephew) Stu knows EXACTLY where to find someone who can help locate his uncle...and help bring joy back to their planet! ''The Mihmiverse Holiday Special'' brings back every Mihmivite's favorite alien and a familiar cast of characters to go on a wild adventure, celebrate the holiday season, and pay homage to the granddaddy of genre holiday specials, ''The Star Wars Holiday Special!'' (2021)
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That Which Lurks in the Dark
It's New Year's Eve and the Phantom Lake Lonely Hearts Club is holding its annual celebration. When the night's festivities are interrupted by a distant explosion and subsequent blackout, its members are forced to deal with their personal anxieties in the form of overwhelming darkness, otherworldly betentacled creatures, a pair of monster hunting scientists and, most frighteningly, their own awkward quests for love! (2021)
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