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James Hampton remembrance [All 4 Days]

James Hampton attended the University of North Texas (Theatre Arts Major). He studied acting with Michael Howard in New York and Leonard Nimoy in Los Angeles.

He worked with Baruch Lumet at Knox Street Theatre in Dallas and did summer stock at Casa Manana in Fort Worth (1961). He performed off-Broadway in ''Easy Does It'' with Tom Poston and Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, and toured with Burt Reynolds in ''Rainmaker''. He starred in ''Tender Trap'' with Reynolds at Arlington Park Theatre in Chicago and played the title role in ''Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter'' at the same theatre with Mamie Van Doren and Rick Jason.

Onscreen he has played in films as diverse as Plein la gueule (1974) and Teen Wolf (1985), and is probably best remembered as the eager but inept bugler Pvt. Hannibal Dobbs in the classic sitcom F Troop (1965).

Mr. Hampton passed away in 2021. His wife Mary will be in attendance representing him to his fans and has the remaining collection of his autographed items for those who would like his authentic signature but will no longer have the opportunity. ALL-CON is honored to be able to provide this final service to one of our beloved guests. (Mr. Hampton was formerly an ALL-CON guest...)




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