ALL-CON is a three day event, Friday through Sunday.

Certain categories of goods which are not permitted at ALL-CON:

 • Food and Drink
 • Sharp / Bladed / Self Defense Goods (Stun Guns, Mace, etc.)
 • Projectile / Airsoft
 • Intimate Personal Accessories

2021 ALL-CON VENDOR ROOM: secured room

A01 Mad Raven ProductionsC21 Studio TurtlewurX
A02 DSC AuthenticsC22 Faerie Crossroads
A03 C23 The Legging Lass
A04 C24 
A05 The Royal Manticoran NavyC25 The Spinning Toad
A06 Rarity MakesC26 Cross Eye Comix LLC
A07 Bat DanC27 Crooked Tree Graphics
A08 Meesh OriginalsC28 Gusobri Pops
B09 Crazy Loco ToysD29 Celtic Chrystal
B10 Earthbound MartainD30 Psychotic Psychic
B11 Earthbound MartainD31 Black Market Dragons
B12 SBC 3D PrintingD32 Esty Way Gaming
B13 Domain ApparelD33 Kawaii Otaku Plus
B14 The Royal Manticoran NavyD34 Kawaii Otaku Plus
B15 S2 CreationsD35 Eyre Galleries
B16 ManMade SoapD36 Eyre Galleries
C17 TnT Cosplay SupplyD37 Eyre Galleries
C18 Author Michael Scott CliftonD38 Kiwimaille Creations
C19 Barbara's Imaginations UnlimitedD39 Tea Punk Teas
C20 Sparrow ElectricD40 High Five Anime


• Big Ass Dice• Phoenix Feathers
• Dallas Makerspace• Pocket Jacks Comics
• Geekstyr• SWC Indie Press
• Hollywood Matrimony / BDG Studios• This and That Creations
• Madgeination Crafts• Valket Arts
• Moroch• Young Living Essential Oils
• NebulousFrog